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1921 Mount Dora

Dining in Mount Dora, Florida

Artistic Flavor

1921 Mount Dora is a unique restaurant for many reasons. The house it now resides in was originally built in 1921 and later converted into the restaurant it is today. It started and remains with the philosophy of making delicious dishes from sustainable ingredients. 1921 Mount Dora, with it's ideal location, has close access to the best local produce, meat, and seafood Florida has to offer. The restaurant works closely with local farms and fisheries within Mount Dora and the surrounding community. This powerful relationship ensures that the restaurant is not just serving fresh dishes, but the Mount Dora community as well.

Beyond it's philosophy another thing that makes 1921 Mount Dora unique is its Modernism Museum Complex. The gallery is a collection of modern art with new expressive creativity within the field of functional objects. Some of the more famous artists that are displayed include George Nakashima, Wendell Castle, and Wharton Esherick. The gallery offers restaurant guest ability to witness modern design while enjoying delicately designed food.

Their dinner Menu includes classics such as Raw Oysters, Roasted Oysters, Potato and Leek Soup, Beet Salad, Buttercup Squash Salad, Italian Country Salad, a Cheese Plate, and Artisan Cured Meats for its starters. Main entrees include Tilefish, Scallops, Abalone Mushrooms, Duck Leg, Pork Porterhouse, the signature 1921 Burger and their Bone-in Ribeye. These gourmet dishes can be paired with their extensive wine cellar lists. Guests can pick from elegant bottles of Champagne, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Suvignon Blanc, Corvina and more.

Overall 1921 Mount Dora is not just a restaurant, it is an experience. An experience to enlighten and inspire all of its guests. Whether you are coming for the gourmet dishes, selective wine list, or the expressive art, 1921 Mount Dora is sure to bring unique flavors to your visit and depth to your experience.